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We embarked on this new, exciting journey with the desire to give back and make a difference. We want to reach out and ask for your support! Donations will go to Janet and Nancy's entry fee, with 10% of all proceeds being donated to Veloo Foundation, an NGO that works with Mongolian families fighting to survive. 

Video: Trailer of "All the Wild Horses", a documentary on 2017 derby riders


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Supporting us has never been easier, and any contribution will be appreciated. 

The entry fee is $10,000 per rider. 

Team CanAm will give 10% of what is raised to the Veloo Foundation. Their mission is to help orphans and other similarly disadvantaged children in the developing world and in Mongolia.

RETURN POLICY: If for any cause team CanAm has to pull-out from the race prior to the start date of July 16th, 2022 donations will be returned in full via PayPal as received.  


Туслаач | Horse Helper

Any support is appreciated! Enter in Paypal what you seek to give!


ҮНСЭХ | Pony Kisses

Andrew Jackson fought the Revolutionary war on horseback. Well, this is a different war and on Mogo Ponies!


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Goal to raise $10,000

The Horses

25-28 horses depending on the course design and the use of a custom built saddle designed to carry you 1000km.

The Support

A team of vets to care for your horses, a team of medics to care for you, should you need it and a race crew to ensure the race is run fairly and smoothly. Behind all this a massive cast of drivers & interpreters and the piles of technology, medicine and vehicles they need to do their jobs.

Pre-race Training

Three days of medical briefing, veterinary briefing, technical training, and riding practice.

The Course

A 1000km mapped out course with 25-28 horse stations to feed you and provide you with shelter. A start line camp for training, a party and launch ceremony. 

Tech and Expertise

Use of a tracking device so your followers back home and the race crew know where you are. Expertise from Derby HQ and our endurance riding experts in the lead up to the Derby.


A Lifetime Experience

A story of the ages between a mother and a daughter. 

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Jul 23, 6:00 AM – Aug 02, 9:00 PM


The Mother & Daughter

Our Mission Statement:

"To bring out the best in others and each equine companion by being the best we can be by remaining curious."   - Nancy

"Get lost, stay alive and hope to live to tell the tale. " - Janet

Nancy Head Shot 2.jpg


Team Canada

Nancy's life passion is her connection to horses and sharing that experience with others. Nancy has ridden all her life but states she didn't start 'really riding'   until 1990, where she first started her career at Silver Creek Farm (New Mexico) working as a stable hand with Swedish Warmbloods.  By 1994 Nancy's drive and horsemanship lead her to take the position of Secretary for the NM Dressage & Combined Training Club and assistant to the Directors for the Region V Dressage Finals. Outside of the shows and stables, Nancy became an active member of Bernalillo County's Mounted Search & Rescue and Backcountry Horsemen. 

In 2001, Nancy moved to Washington state and became active in the Society for Creative Anachronism. She brought classical riding to historic prominence in the local kingdom by demonstrating and teaching the classical methods as presented by Xenophon, Dom Duarte, Pluvinel which is still being taught today at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. She has taught at community colleges and many clinics while residing in Washington State. 

Today, Nancy resides in Canada and is teaching in Kelowna, where she and her shire Leo continue Classical Riding and teachings. 

"Life is precious as these past few years living in a global life-threatening pandemic has

brought to the forefront of all lives. For me personally, the brevity was brought to my

everyday life when I was part of the search&rescue community in the '90s and again 

in my immediate life in 2011 when I had cancer. Life is precious. My horse experience

runs the range from training with Olympians to backyard ranchers. From training over

16 different breeds and hundreds of students and riding over 26 different breeds. Most

importantly, many, many, many hours in a saddle. What it has taught me is that there

is always more to learn and the most important truth:

Horses are Honest.

Why I'm competing in this race: My biggest inspiration came to me and said,

"Hey mom, let's do this adventure together." It falls into alignment with our family motto:

Remain Curious." - Mama Nancy



Team USA

Janet has been riding horses since she was able to walk. Janet grew up on a farm where Nancy (mama) encouraged her to be involved and taught her classic English riding standards. Janet spent much of her childhood years watching her mother work on a horse ranch (Ulla Bassaleck's) and attended all the shows that my mother helped her compete in. 

An achievement of Janet's was at the age of 14, she got the joy to raise and train a rescued foal of her own. That horse now belongs to a family friend who uses her as a beginner training horse and in SCA gaming.

Currently, Janet resides in Georgia where she and her kill-pen rescue Arab cross, Jazz, train endurance. They are members of the AERC and compete in 25 and 50-mile endurance rides with mentor Jane Waterman-Moss. Janet is also a member of Bear Creek Hounds riding in first-flight. 

Riding has been away for Janet to communicate, connect, relax and free herself. 

"I am not a professional competing rider, I am a passionate rider."- Janet

Horse Legs


How to Become a CanAm Sponsor

What we will offer our sponsors 

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Thank you to all our donors far and wide across the US, Canada, and Belize!

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ROI Recreation as provided team CanAm with a promo discount to purchase the perfect pack! Thank you ROI, we will be sporting the Deuter Trans Alpine 28SL backpack in blackberry red. 


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Diamond H Tack partnered with one of their product lines,  Back On Track Canada (helmets) and have donated to team CanAm! Thank you, Diamond H Tack, for providing team CanAm with the most state of the art helmet protection! 

For more about Diamond H Tack and their stellar product line and quality services check them out:

1953 Kirschner Rd.
Kelowna, BC V1Y 4N7


Monday-Saturday: 9am-5:30pm



Tank Top Crew
Jazz on a 25 mile race
Diamond H Tack
Nancy on Leo
BCH Hound Walk
Jazz completing a 25 mile race
Nancy & Leo
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Janet and Baz competing in a relay race


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